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Date: 08/17/2010 08:02 AM

Subject: New responsibilities at 1105 Government Information Group

I’m writing to let you know that beginning this week, I will be taking on new duties at 1105 Government Information Group and 1105 Media, the parent organization of Government Computer News, Federal Computer Week, Defense Systems, Washington Technology, FOSE, GovSec and other media properties.

It’s been my good fortune to have served as Editor-in-Chief of Government Computer News for the past six years?as well as Defense Systems magazine for the past year and a half.

I’ve been asked, however, to help 1105 Government Information Group’s Events division expand its government and technology conference and events business as an Event Director.  And though it will mean giving up day-to-day editing responsibilities for GCN and Defense Systems, I am excited about taking on a new challenge.  I’m also pleased to announce I will continue to stay involved with the editorial side of the company as Editor-at-Large of 1105 Government Information Group.

GCN will be left in the capable hands of GCN Managing Editor Kevin McCaney and David Rapp, who oversees editorial operations for 1105 Government Information Group.  We are hoping to announce my replacement on Defense Systems very soon. In the meantime, Defense System’s managing editor Bill Welsh will be able to assist you with specific inquiries.

One of the great privileges of working on GCN and Defense Systems these past few years is the opportunities I believe God has given to me to meet and work with so many dedicated men and women in the government and technology community.  Please accept my thanks and appreciation for all the time you’ve taken helping me to help our readers over the years and hopefully the opportunity to have helped you in one way or another.  I’m looking forward to continuing our working relation in my new roles here at 1105 Government Information Group.

Best regards, Wyatt

Wyatt Kash

Event Director | Editor-at-Large

1105 Government Information Group

Defense Systems | Federal Computer Week | GCN

Washington Technology |  FOSE  | GovSec | FEND


Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation: ..."I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." -- Article II, Section 1, The United States Constitution

"The art of progress is to preserve order amid change and to preserve change amid order." -- Philosopher Alfred North Whitehead

Welcome to the Government Transition 2009 Wiki

With President Barack Obama now in the White House, and the transition period behind him, much still remains to be done as the 44th president continues to fill out his leadership team and implement his agenda.

A flood of policy recommendations that deluged the Obama transition team are now aimed directly at the White House and the emerging administration. Many of those recommendations can be found here.

This public service Wiki site began as--and continues  to be--a repository of transition ideas and recommendations from knowledgable organizations and experts. In particular, this site focuses on transition ideas pertaining to Program Execution, Performance Management, Procurement and Acquisition, the use of Information Technology, and the management of Human Capital in government. 

This non-partisan site is being made available as a public service by 1105 Government Information Group.  [The lead collaborators of the site currently include 1105 Government Information Group chief editors Wyatt Kash (Government Computer News), John Monroe (Federal Computer Week) and Nick Wakeman (Washington Technology) along with other government transition experts, including: John Kamensky, of the IBM Center for the Business of Government. Wiki advice is being provided by Brand Niemann (see How This Site Got Started below). We invite other experts to join this collaborative effort.]


  • To facilitate an open marketplace of ideas and recommendations on transition strategies for the next administration.
  • To serve as a repository for transition strategy docmuments, white papers, links, resources, etc.
  • To serve as forum for dialogue and related announcements.
  • To provide a place where strategists for the presidential campaigns (e.g. future technology “czars”) might share their visions.
  • To track key transition issues and personnel moves of the new administration in 2009.
  • To use a Web 2.0 Wiki platform as a learning tool for the government marketplace.
  • We only ask that participants identify themselves to support an orderly and credible process.


Topic Description Contact Person
Editor's Desk | A Wiki for transition Editorial in August 25th Issue of Goverment Computer News Wyatt Kash
News Stories | Articles | Links - Transition Stories, etc. Catalogue of recent news stories and commentaries on government transition issues. Wyatt Kash
Forum | Dialogue A place where Contributors, Authors, and Gardeners (see definitions below) can use the wiki to collaborate on content that will inform the community and the Presidential Candidates. Wyatt Kash
Key Players - Tell Us Your Role Presidential Transition 2008 / 2009 Players “Dance Card”. John Kamensky
Events - Upcoming & Past Events Knowledgebase Past events recommended by the community, reviewed by the editor, and rendered in a fully digital form (whenever possible) to support search. Wyatt Kash
Reports and Recommendations Key reports and recommendations suggested by the community, reviewed by the editor, and rendered in a fully digital form (whenever possible) to support search. Wyatt Kash

Transition 2009 Conference - October 15

A unique one-day conference will bring together current and former senior-level government officials, leading figures in academia and public policy, and CXOs from industry to discuss the IT, business and organizational challenges brought about by a change in administration, and effective strategies and tactics for dealing with that change. James Hansen

You Are Invited to Participate

If your organization would like to highlight its recommendations to the next administration, or if you know of an event, or a timely article you'd like to share, we invite you to participate. There are three levels of involvement as follows:

  • Viewer: You can read material on this Wiki. You many also leave comments (see Comments box below or on the Forum | Dialogue page) but you must register to do so.  Please remember to consider copyright and permission rights when using material referenced on this site.
  • Contributor: Just email your suggestion to Wyatt Kash, and he will review and discuss its posting to the Wiki with you. Email, Word, PDF, PowerPoint, etc. formats accepted.
  • Author: Email Wyatt Kashabout your interest in authoring directly in the Wiki and he will review and discuss it with you. Wiki authoring is like word processing, but templates will be provided if necessary to assist with more advanced authoring functions.
  • Gardener: Email Wyatt Kash about your interest in overseeing parts of the Wiki that are initially populated by Contributors and Authors and may also be available for posting of public comments.

To Register: You can register (see upper right hand corner) to use this Wiki to provide your contact information and information you want to share as described above. Please remember that what you post to the Wiki is publically accessible through the Recent Changes and Tools - Users Menus. You can also subscibe to RSS feeds under the Tools Menu. Please see Wiki User Manual (Wiki and PDF Formats). Also see Architecture and Features (complete with Demo Video Gallery) for more information.

How this site got started

1105 Media Group's Government Leadership Summit 2008, June 1-3, 2008, Change Leadership 2.0: Harnessing the Power of Disruptive Technologies in Government, featured a Blog and Wiki of the conference. This led the 1105 Media Group to ask if they could begin to use Web 2.0 Wikis themselves in their work and a Pilot Web 2.0 Wiki was built showing before and after Web 2.0 versions of their Event Web pages. This in turn led to the idea to try a Web 2.0 Wiki for the upcoming Government Transition to create an open conversation forum about the associated changes in Information Technology that will inevitably occur.

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Wiki</a></li><li><span>3.</span> <a href="#Purpose" rel="internal">Purpose</a></li><li><span>4.</span> <a href="#Contents" rel="internal">Contents</a></li><li><span>5.</span> <a href="#You_Are.c2.a0Invited_to_Participate" rel="internal">You Are&nbsp;Invited to Participate</a></li><li><span>6.</span> <a href="#How_this_site_got_started" rel="internal">How this site got started</a></li></ol></div> </div> <div class="dmenu-bottom_m"></div> </div> <div class="ui-msg-wrap" id="MTMessage" style="display: none;"> <div class="ui-msg ui-errormsg" id="MTMessageStyle"> <div class="ui-msg-opt"> <ul> <li><a href="#" class="dismiss" onclick="return MTMessage.Hide();">dismiss message</a></li> <li><a href="#" class="details" id="MTMessageDetailsLink" onclick="return MTMessage.ShowDetails(this);">view details</a></li> </ul> <div class="ui-msg-autoclose"> <span id="MTMessageUnpaused" style="display: inline;">Message will close by itself in <span id="MTMessageTimer"></span> seconds</span> <span 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