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Last Updated March 6, 2009


To catalogue recent reports, recommendations and other documents on government transition issues. (For individual news items, blog postings, commentaries, or similar articles, please post in the Articles | Links sections.)

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Organization and Contact Title, Description, and Format
Industry Advisory Council Transition Study Group. Mark Forman (Chair), KPMG Returning Innovation to the Federal Government with
Information Technology, December 11, 2008. IAC/ACT and Wiki Version. See Current List of Papers 
The IBM Center for The Business of Government. See Blog, John Kamensky IBM Center for the Business of Government BlogThe Presidential Transition
The IBM Center for The Business of Government. Jonathan D. Breul IBM Center for the Business of Government "The Operator's Manual for the New Administration" focuses on the operations of government, dealing with the "machinery" of government (such as budgets, personnel and technology).  Available October 7, 2008.
The IBM Center for The Business of Government. Jonathan D. Breul IBM Center for the Business of Government. "Getting It Done: A Guide for Government Executives" addresses issues related to successfully working in a political environment and most important, how to successfully work with stakeholders, such as the White House, Congress, Inspectors General, the media, etc.  Available October 7, 2008.
The IBM Center for The Business of Government. John Kamensky IBM Center for the Business of Government. Presidential Transition Series research reports, including Reflections on 21st Century Government Management, The Management of Regulation Development, Strengthening Homeland Security, Government Reorganization, The President's Management Council, etc.
The IBM Center for The Business of Government. John Kamensky IBM Center for the Business of Government. Presidential Transition "Insight Briefs" on selected program and mission issues.
Information Technology Association of America (ITAA)   ITAA  Rates McCain, Obama on Tech - Results Mixed
New Ideas for Government. Alan P. Balutis, Director and Distinguished Fellow, Internet Business Solutions Group, Cisco
Mark A. Abramson, Project Director,, and President, Leadership Inc.
Special Issue of The Public Manager contains 21 articles in section entitled: Overview and The Challenges Ahead, Acquistion, Execution, Human Resources, and Technology which specifically includes: The Promise and Potential of E-Government by John Sindelar; Government 2.0—Fact or Fiction? by Daniel Mintz; and The Courage to Change When Challenged by Tom Hughes. PDF
2009 Management of Change Conference Proceedings (in process)   
2008 Management of Change Conference Proceedings of Results, Outcomes & Recommendations, MOC Results Committee, July 23, 2008, See page 20 for Committee Chairs and Members The 2008 ACT/IAC Management of Change (MOC) Conference titled “Business Thinking in Government: Maybe Not?” provided a unique opportunity for public and private sector leaders to collaborate and openly discuss important topic areas such as Anticipating Change, Evolving the Workforce, Government 2.0, Leadership Development, Measures and Metrics and Rethinking the Enterprise.  A stated goal of the conference was to produce a report that would summarize the key concepts and provide forward leaning, thought provoking recommendations across the topic areas. The report itself is a snapshot in time and is provided as a basis for further dialogue in defining and driving more effective change in the coming administration. Word. Also see this Wiki and Wiki version of the 2008 28th Annual Management of Change Conference, June 8-10.
Government Performance: Lessons Learned for the Next Administration on Using Performance Information to Improve Results, July 24, 2008, GAO-08-1026T, Statement of Bernice Steinhardt, Director Strategic Issues, US Governmentn Accountabilty Office According to GAO surveys, since 1997 significantly more federal managers report having performance measures for the programs they manage. However, despite having more performance measures available, federal managers’ reported use of performance information in management decision making has not changed significantly. PDF
DHS Trains for Presidential Transition. CNN News Story, May 15, 2008. This presidential transition is a first for department, formed after 9/11. Agencies get together for drills with mock hijackers and drug runners. Homeland Security says it knows of no specific threat related to the transition. Member of think tank skeptical: "It looks more like showmanship". Web Page
Council for Excellence in Government. Patricia McGinnis, President and CEO

2008-2009 Presidential Transition Initiative 

Program and Personal Leadership: Keys to Success in the Transition - From an Excellence in Government - Conference, July 15, 2008. Web Pages

CENDI Meeting, July 8, 2008. Mike Nelson, Visting Professor, Georgetown University, and Advisor to the Obama for President Campaign "The Grid, the Cloud, and the Internet of Things -- Potential and Policy Implications". Slides 
The Next Government of the United States – Challenges for Performance in the 21st Century, August 2005, Fels Director Donald Kettl for the IBM Center for the Business of Government. The Next Government, Fels Institute of Government, Penn Arts & Sciences. Government is moving into the information age. Effective government requires public institutions that can manage information to learn how best to improve their effectiveness. In the information age, democratic government demands both citizen engagement and transparency. However, the growing complexity of government’s administrative tools makes it far harder to determine who is responsible for what. Innovations in information—who produces it and who uses it—will be essential to crack this emerging paradox of 21st century governance. PDF
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