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A Roundtable Discussion: Budget and Program Priorities

Chris Niedermayer assumed leadership of the U.S Patent and Trademark Office Program Management Group in February 2008. He is responsible for establishing and enforcing IT governance disciplines and for leading the restructuring of the agency’s program/project lifecycle from project inception through retirement.

Mr. Niedermayer served as Associate Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer and E-Government Executive at the U.S. Department of Agriculture beginning in November 2001. As USDA’s Chief Technology Officer, he was responsible for leading USDA’s IT governance processes, including enterprise architecture, capital planning and investment control and IT acquisition approval functions. He was USDA’s principal Executive for managing the implementation of the President’s E-Government initiatives, as well as USDA’s cross-agency and interdepartmental business transformation initiatives, across USDA’s 29 agencies and staff offices. Chris served as an Industry Advisory Council government Vice Chair for the Partner’s Program in 2003 and the government Chair in 2004. He was elected as Vice President of the Association for Federal Information Resources Management for the 2006/2007 term and President of the Association for the 2007/2008 term.

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