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Lieutenant General Steven Boutelle (ret.)

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Post-election DoD Programs

Lt. Gen. Steven Boutelle (ret.), former Chief Information Officer, U.S. Army and Vice President, Global Government Solutions Group, Cisco Systems

Lt. Gen. Boutelle, U.S. Army (Ret) is Vice President of the Global Government Solutions Group (GGSG) at Cisco Systems, which advises government customers on business practices and technology solutions to achieve and enhance their mission goals.  Boutelle is charged with leading Cisco’s Internet Routing in Space initiative to extend the information transport power of the Internet into space, integrating satellite systems and ground infrastructure for commercial and government users who need anytime, anywhere IP-based data, video, voice and mobile communications.

Before joining Cisco, Boutelle served as the Chief Information Officer of the U.S. Army, responsible for the Service’s worldwide use of information technology.  He introduced converged voice, data and video to the Army, building an enhanced network infrastructure to serve 1.9 million users.  Boutelle established an industry recognized portal, the Army Knowledge Online, and the Defense Knowledge Online to provide streamlined access to content for six million defense users.  Through an IT portfolio management program, he reduced the costs of IT systems and applications by half.

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